Using S40 Chain on EGO Pole Saw: Compatibility, Benefits, and Performance

Ever wondered if you can give your EGO pole saw a new lease on life with an S40 chain? Picture this: you’re all set for a day of pruning, only to find that your trusty pole saw’s chain needs a replacement. That’s where the S40 chain comes into play. But can you use it on your EGO pole saw? In this article, we’ve got you covered!

Understanding EGO Pole Saw Chains

When it comes to EGO pole saw chains, it’s essential to understand their specifications before contemplating a replacement.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • EGO pole saws typically come with specific chain requirements to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Compatibility issues may arise if the replacement chain does not meet the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Using an S40 chain on an EGO pole saw could potentially void any warranty if not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Before making a switch, it’s advisable to consult the user manual or reach out to EGO customer support to confirm compatibility.

By familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of EGO pole saw chains, you can make informed decisions when it comes to maintenance and replacements.

Overview of S40 Chains

Before using the S40 chain on your EGO pole saw, it’s essential to understand its characteristics. Here’s what you should know about S40 chains:

  • Designed for Gas-Powered Saws: The S40 chain is specifically engineered for gas-powered chainsaws, not electric pole saws like EGO.
  • Pitch and Gauge Differences: S40 chains have a different pitch and gauge compared to EGO chains, which affects compatibility.
  • Safety Concerns: Using the S40 on your EGO pole saw can lead to performance issues and potential safety hazards.
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If you’re considering using an S40 chain on your EGO pole saw, make sure to double-check compatibility with the manufacturer and refer to the user manual for precise chain specifications.

Compatibility of S40 Chain with EGO Pole Saw

To ensure efficiency and safety when working with your EGO pole saw, it’s crucial to use the correct chain. The S40 chain, designed for gas-powered saws, is not compatible with EGO electric pole saws due to differences in pitch and gauge.

Using the wrong chain can lead to performance problems and safety hazards. To avoid these issues, always verify compatibility with the manufacturer. For accurate chain specifications, consult your user manual or contact EGO customer support.

Remember, investing a little time in checking compatibility can save you from facing challenges or accidents during your pole saw operations.

Chain Type Pitch Gauge Compatibility
S40 (Gas) 3/8″ 0.050″ Not compatible
EGO (Electric) 3/8″ 0.043″ Compatible

Advantages of Using an S40 Chain on EGO Pole Saw

When it comes to using an S40 chain on your EGO pole saw, there are some advantages you should consider:

  • Increased Compatibility: The S40 chain is designed for gas-powered saws, but if you have the right adaptor, it can work on your EGO electric pole saw. This opens up more options for chain selection.
  • Wider Availability: Since the S40 chain is commonly used in gas-powered saws, you might find it more readily available in stores or online, making it convenient when you need a replacement chain quickly.
  • Versatility: Having an S40 chain on hand allows you to switch between different saws if you have both gas-powered and electric models. This flexibility can be useful for different projects or situations.
  • Proven Performance: The S40 chain is known for its durability and cutting efficiency on gas-powered saws. When used correctly on your EGO pole saw, it can deliver reliable performance for your cutting needs.
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Remember, while the S40 chain can offer benefits, always ensure it is compatible with your specific EGO pole saw model to prevent any issues during use.


Using an S40 chain on your EGO pole saw can offer you increased compatibility, wider availability, versatility, and proven performance. It’s important to ensure compatibility with your specific EGO pole saw model for optimal results. Enjoy the benefits of a durable and efficient cutting experience by choosing the right chain for your saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an S40 chain on my EGO pole saw?

Yes, you can use an S40 chain on your EGO pole saw with the right adaptor. It offers versatility and proven performance in durability and cutting efficiency, despite being designed for gas-powered saws.

Where can I find an S40 chain for my EGO pole saw?

You can find an S40 chain for your EGO pole saw in stores or online, as it is more widely available compared to other chains. Be sure to check for compatibility with your specific EGO pole saw model before purchasing.

What are the benefits of using an S40 chain on my EGO pole saw?

Using an S40 chain on your EGO pole saw allows for versatility in switching between different saws and provides proven performance in terms of durability and cutting efficiency, enhancing your overall cutting experience.

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